Preparing Boys for Life

Second Grade

Cheered on by their pre-kindergarten buddies and teachers, friends, and parents, second graders walk three miles carrying gallons of water, simulating the hardship that many African children endure to access fresh water. The boys also work with the school community to raise money to build wells in Africa. Watch the video>

Curriculum Overview

In second grade, boys begin to become scholars through in-depth reading, writing, and math. The second grade curriculum is maximized through a rich curriculum founded in immersive and experiential learning. Second grade boys begin to take responsibility for others through mentoring their pre-kindergarten "buddies."

Boys spend nearly half of the school day in literacy and math instruction, and explore science, art, music, and physical education with specialist teachers. Technology is integrated daily through the use of Chromebooks.

In art, boys continue to build upon elements such as depth, texture, color theory, line, and rendering. Here, they build and paint small pinch pots.

Areas of Study

During the annual State Fair, boys present state facts to their parents and other Lower School students by adopting the persona of a famous historic figure.

Haverford’s second grade creates an environment where boys with endless energy, creative curiosity and critical thinkers thrive. Through hands-on opportunities, boys gain a greater understanding of their environment and how they can be productive. You can see the beginning foundations of lifelong friendships and how Haverford’s brotherhood motto influences their relationships.Rachel, parent