Preparing Boys for Life

Meet the Head of Lower School

What is being demanded of good education right now is that our students be prepared for a culture and future that we can’t predict.

Educational research points to the need for students to have agency in learning, and the job market indicates that students need to work collaboratively, have strong communication and critical thinking skills, and be innovative and creative. Our curriculum includes differentiated instruction and design thinking -- in which the classroom experience is driven by the learning process rather than the outcome -- to help build these skills and allow students to thrive in this new era.

Who do you look up to?

Our teachers are highly invested in creating a learning environment for students that is unmatched; this is reflected in their understanding of each boy as an individual, their desire to craft lessons and learning opportunities that are differentiated and creative, and their willingness to integrate new instructional approaches. I am fortunate to be part of the Haverford community, which at its core is deeply invested in the development of boys' character and intellect, and also allows space for students to discover their passions and talents.

Head of Lower School Pam Greenblatt

Dr. Pam Greenblatt
Head of Lower School


B.A., Psychology; Speech and Hearing Science, The George Washington University

M.A., Speech and Language Pathology, The George Washington University

Ed.D. Educational and Organizational Leadership, University of Pennsylvania

About Dr. Greenblatt

Dr. Pam Greenblatt is Head of Lower School, where she developed a structured literacy program and a design thinking curriculum.

Dr. Greenblatt joined The Haverford School in 2014 as Director of the Enrichment and Learning Center and previously worked in several capacities at AIM Academy, including as Director of Curriculum and Instruction.