Preparing Boys for Life

Fourth Grade

fourth grade boys reading in library

Fourth-graders participate in a "book tasting," reading and reflecting on books from various genres.

Curriculum overview

Fourth grade teachers construct lessons that encourage boys to develop independence and take ownership in their learning. Each boy becomes more proficient as a reader, writer, mathematician, and researcher. Hands-on activities, inquiry-style lessons, design thinking, and differentiated instruction allow our teachers to maximize the learning of each boy.

It is also during this time that boys begin to experience biological changes preluding adolescence; our teachers help guide both boys and their parents in learning what to expect and how to best support their son.

fourth graders building a paper roller coaster

In this design thinking project, students use their background knowledge from science class to inform decisions on how to make the most exciting and structurally-sound roller coaster. 

Areas of study

I read an article that said instead of asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, we should ask them what problems they want to solve. This is exactly the type of process that Haverford uses in its design thinking program. Design thinking uses a hands-on approach to solve real-world problems with imagination, creativity, and collaboration. These are all skills that will help take Jack and his classmates to the next level of learning as they continue at The Haverford School. Marla, parent