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Two children with notepads smiling at their teacher at main line elementary school

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Our Program

A Pre-kindergarten student holds toiletries he is sorting for a service project main-line-elementary-school

The Haverford School's pre-kindergarten program is the gateway to a lifelong learning experience. Our curriculum employs an integrated, hands-on, thematic approach rooted in reading, writing, math, social studies, and social/emotional development, and includes "specials" in science, art, music, and physical education.

We emphasize building capable, independent, and self-directed learners. Through the use of small groups and a strong student-teacher ratio, we differentiate each boy's work and adapt to his learning profile, abilities, and needs.

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Four students dig in a garden plot to prepare for the monarch butterfly migration main-line-elementary-school

Our full-day kindergarten builds foundations in math and literacy while boys practice problem solving, critical thinking, and reading and writing. Boys meet with specialists in science, art, music, and physical education. Class trips expand boys' understanding of their community and the world.

Boys participate in games and activities that reinforce skills and expand their knowledge during structured literacy time and differentiated learning groups. Centers also allow teachers to target learning to each boy's needs.

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Students Gather Around Book in Library main-line-private -elementary-school
First Grade

First grade is an important year of foundational academic skills and aims to instill empathy, community, and excitement about learning. Boys spend nearly half of the school day in literacy and math instruction, and explore science, art, music, and physical education with specialist teachers.

The classrooms are full of energy and curiosity as boys develop reading skills and strategies, express themselves in writing, delve into math, and immerse themselves in social studies. 

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Second graders carry jugs of water to help improve global access to water philadelphia-elementary-school
Second grade

In second grade, boys become scholars through in-depth reading, writing, and math. The second grade curriculum uses immersive and experiential learning. Second grade boys begin to take responsibility for others through mentoring their pre-kindergarten "buddies."

Boys spend nearly half of the school day in literacy and math instruction, and explore science, art, music, and physical education with specialist teachers. 

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Third Grade learns fire safety from a fireman philadelphia-elementary-school
Third Grade

Third grade boys become independent readers, writers, and researchers. They are self-directed and adept at problem solving.

They learn what it's like to be a boy in early America, Ancient Egypt, and modern China. They research famous women, write a report, and present their findings to their mothers and guardians. In the spring, the curriculum immerses boys in the study of modern day China, including exposure to the language and culture.

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Two students outside in winter coats fill a beaker philadelphia--private -elementary-school
Fourth Grade

Fourth grade teachers encourage boys to develop independence and take ownership in their learning. Hands-on activities, inquiry-style lessons, design thinking, and differentiated instruction help each boy become more proficient as a reader, writer, mathematician, and researcher.

Our teachers also help guide both boys and their families in learning what to expect and how to best support boys experiencing the biological changes preceding adolescence.

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Fifth grade students hold hot air balloons they created philadelphia--private -elementary-school
Fifth Grade

The fifth grade year is a major step in The Haverford School learning process. Boys become more independent, self-directed learners while gaining the personal organizational skills necessary for success in their Middle School years.

Fifth graders demonstrate responsibilities as leaders of the Lower School. Each boy participates in a study of himself and of those around him to understand the benefits of combining talents to serve the Lower School.

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Haverford's interdisciplinary and dynamic Lower School art classes teach boys everything from fine motor skills to self expression.

Character and Citizenship

Three smiling boys gather under the Respect sign on the Walk of Virtues main-line-elementary-school

Our Character and Citizenship program teaches boys to become mentors and leaders through partnering with their peers and serving their communities. 


Two students on a beanbag reading together main-line-elementary-school

The Lower School library holds books that capture the imagination of boys at every level. They learn how to use a library, explore their preferences, and develop a love for reading.


Mathematics main-line-private -elementary-school

Our science-backed literacy program starts in pre-kindergarten and runs through each Lower School grade. The program provides a strong foundation for boys as they continue their educational journey.


Student holding marker stands at board showing fraction-main-line-private -elementary-school

Haverford's mathematics classes emphasize practical problem solving and logical reasoning. Differentiated learning engages every student, expanding each boy's potential. 


Instrumental music main-line-private -elementary-school

The Haverford School was one of the first schools in the country to adopt the Kódaly approach to teaching musicianship, emphasizing collaboration and exploration. 

Physical Education

Kindergarten students studying physical education philadelphia--private -elementary-school

Physical education courses build the foundations for an active lifestyle, building coordination and endurance alongside camaraderie and sportsmanship. 


Fourth grade student dissecting an egg-philadelphia--private -elementary-school

Our science curriculum encourages the natural curiosity of our students. Boys learn to use their five senses in their explorations, asking questions, and making observations that lead to discovery. 

Social Studies

Head of School Tyler Casertano reading to pre-k philadelphia--private -elementary-school

Character development informs The Haverford School's social studies curriculum, where boys learn empathy by exploring different perspectives.

Day in the Life

A fourth grade student walks alongside his pre-kindergarten buddy main-line-private -elementary-school

Fisher, a fourth grade student, describes working alongside his pre-kindergarten buddy.

Service learning at philadelphia--private -elementary-school

Students participate in service learning, including the second grade's Walk for Water, which improves water access for disadvantaged communities in Africa. 

Four graduating fifth grade boys pass the fifth grade banner to four younger students philadelphia private elementary school

At the Lower School ceremony, the upcoming Fifth Grade banner boys step into their leadership role as models of the School's virtues for the younger students. 

Meet the Head of the Lower School

Dr. Pam Greenblatt

Dr. Pam Greenblatt

Dr. Pam Greenblatt is Head of Lower School, where she implemented a structured literacy program, a design-thinking curriculum, and a new, evidence-based math program.

Dr. Greenblatt joined The Haverford School in 2014 as Director of the Enrichment and Learning Center. Previously, she worked in several capacities at AIM Academy, including as Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology; Speech and Hearing Science from The George Washington University, an M.A. in Speech and Language Pathology from The George Washington University, and an Ed.D. in Educational and Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

Our teachers are highly invested in creating a learning environment for students that is unmatched; this is reflected in their understanding of each boy as an individual, their desire to craft lessons and learning opportunities that are differentiated and creative, and their willingness to integrate new instructional approaches.

Program Spotlight

100% of our students engage in service learning, with boys completing about 100 projects annually
71% of Lower School elementary students perform at least two years above grade level in reading by fifth grade
75% the percentage LS students who perform at least two years above grade level in math by fifth grade elementary
41% students in Haverford's Lower School elementary attend Top 50 colleges and universities. The national admit rate is 14