Preparing Boys for Life

Upper School

In Upper School, students have myriad opportunities for leadership, personal discovery, and growth.

They leave Haverford with a personal leadership philosophy that includes what they stand for, what one can expect from them, and what they expect from others. As part of this experience, the students are able to define their values and create a road map for how they aspire to live their lives day-to-day – at Haverford and beyond.

Third Form Leadership Seminar

The Third Form Leadership Seminar reinforces the concepts of service and ethical leadership. It leverages a strengths assessment to align young men’s talents with their passions to positively impact their community, culminating with the students crafting their personal leadership philosophy.

The Haverford School Leadership Course

25 Things Every Man Must Know

As part of the “25 Things Every Man Must Know” senior project designed by Director of Leadership Bill Brady, young men took to Eagle Field to split wood with a maul under the direction of history teacher Tim Lengel '07. Other life skills learned during the course include home repair, grocery shopping on a budget, shoe shining, ironing, car maintenance, online banking, and more. The three-week study is taught by Haverford faculty and alumni, and through tours of nearby businesses like Ardmore Toyota and Whole Foods.

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Student Global Leadership Institute

The Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI) is comprised of approximately 25 member schools around the world whose students convene for two weeks annually to tackle issues ranging from hunger to urban planning. Students attend lectures from leading educators around the globe to understand the field; conduct research to gain context; engage in service projects to address the issue; and meet with community and industry leaders to further the cause. Upon return to campus, students lead a community-based service project related to their SGLI experience.

The Haverford School Germination Project Leadership

Civic Leaders

The Haverford School is a selected partner of The Germination Project, which seeks to catalyze and energize elite young men and women to put their leadership abilities into service for the benefit of Philadelphia.

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Joseph T. Cox Servant Leadership Symposium

The Joseph T. Cox Servant Leadership Symposium honors the School's former Headmaster in showcasing a renowned speaker who emphasizes the philosophy that the focus of good leadership is serving to meet the needs of others.

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The Haverford School leadership presentation

Haverford is giving me the space and opportunity to learn how to become a leader. Whether it’s through my experience on the Honor Council or work with the Germination Project, I’m becoming someone who leads by example with thoughtfulness, receptiveness, and purpose. Dean, 11th Grade