Preparing Boys for Life

Middle School

In Middle School, intentional vertical integration fosters connections between sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys through team-building activities and service projects.

Middle School class trips bring students together to overcome a common obstacle that encourages discoveries about oneself, one’s classmates, and one’s teachers. In these critical years during which students begin their transformation from boys to men, they learn resilience, stamina, courage, teamwork, support, and life skills.

Was Superman a Haverford Graduate?

This eighth grade elective that takes an in-depth look at The Haverford School's Walk of Virtues. Students explore virtues such as empathy, responsibility, integrity, and courage through the lens of current events, historical role models, and community service.

MS Leads

Created by The Haverford School, MS Leads brings all nine Inter-Ac schools together to collaborate on topics including teamwork, communication, self-awareness, and the responsibilities associated with being a leader. Facilitated in part by members of Signet Society, Haverford’s Upper School honorary service association, the conference has been instrumental in examining the definition of leadership and understanding goal setting, collaboration, and other skills associated with being a leader.

The Haverford School Rite of Passage leadership

Rite of Passage

Haverford's eighth grade Rite of Passage program formally recognizes students' completion of Middle School and the shift from boyhood to manhood. During our program, the boys reflect on what they value, the people who influence them, and the person they wish to become. Our students' journey starts at Haverford and continues through Philadelphia and beyond, with a hike from Camden, N.J. back to campus. Through the successful completion of the Rite of Passage, our boys build confidence, resilience, responsibility, and independence, all important virtues for the next stage of their lives in Upper School.

Building Resilience and Mental Toughness

In this course, students explore ways to develop and improve mental toughness through a workout with a Navy Seal, by scaling Haverford’s new climbing wall with a team, and by constructing an action plan that will prepare them to perform at a higher level in the classroom and athletically.

Middle School Minimester Leadership Program

Middle School Minimester

This four-day workshop explores the following themes:

Agents of Change: What are the needs of my local community, and how can I contribute?
Leadership in our Community: What qualities does it take to become a leader in a community?
Community: What is my role in the Haverford community, the Philadelphia community, the American community, and the global community - and what are my responsibilities to each?

Boys participate in a variety of activities to explore these themes. Sixth graders hear from men and women who created organizations to fill vital needs in their communities. The students perform community service at these organizations to learn more about them and reflect on the ways in which they can become agents of change.

Seventh grade students examine questions of how and why someone becomes a leader in his or her community by attending workshops where they consider a leader’s role, what qualities effective leaders possess, and how a person's perceptions and biases impact his or her ability to lead. As they prepare for eighth grade, they more clearly understand how a leader is defined.

Eighth grade students consider their place in various communities by volunteering in developing Philadelphia neighborhoods, hearing from Haverford faculty, staff, and students who have recently become part of the American community, and touring nearby areas populated by different global cultures.

The Haverford School Rite of Passage

In eighth grade I took the Superman class as an elective. The class began a dialogue about what it means to be a leader in your community. Fast forward four years and a lot of the kids who were in that same Superman class are now on the Signet Society and are considered leaders of the Upper School. Connor

On the Rite of Passage trip we did a scavenger hunt around Philadelphia, spent the night aboard the USS New Jersey, and hiked 18 miles back to Haverford. All of our parents and teachers were waiting there, cheering for us. Seeing my teachers from when I was younger, still supporting me, was an incredible experience. Will