Preparing Boys for Life

Decision Education

Members of the DECA team discussion how Decision Education contributed to their success.

The Haverford School seeks to develop in each of its graduates the ability to think critically and communicate effectively. Our school-wide focus on decision skills helps us fulfill this mission goal.

We believe that:

  • We can learn and teach decision skills
  • Decision making is a fundamental element of character education and leadership
  • While decision making is always about the future, we benefit from careful reflection on past decisions – especially failures
  • Intentional exploration of a common decision language and practice improves critical thinking and communication
  • In all academic disciplines, athletic offerings, and activities, teachers and coaches have opportunities to help students understand, practice, and improve decision skills
  • All students should achieve competency in basic decision skills before they graduate

The Haverford School Good Decision Chain

The Haverford School Decision Education Foundation

Basic Decision Skills

  • Six Elements of a Quality Decision: frame, values, alternatives, information, reasoning, commitment to follow through
  • Decision Process
  • Uncertainty in Decision Making – the relationship between decisions and outcomes
  • Decision Fitness
  • Declaring a Decision
  • Balancing Head and Heart
  • Behavioral Traps and Biases