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The Haverford School pre-k-12 leadership


The Haverford School embraces a Servant Leadership philosophy, believing that the focus of good leadership is serving to meet the needs of others.

A servant leader is a man for others, a leader who has as his first priority helping and leading others in achieving goals that benefit society. Servant leaders are not focused on exercising power but in doing good for others.

The Haverford School has produced many who fit this servant leader model. Ted Wagner '58, clinical professor at the University of Washington, John W. Hickenlooper ’70, the Governor of Colorado, and Paul Chan '91, vice chair of global ophthalmology at the University of Illinois-Chicago, are just some of the many Haverford graduates who have demonstrated the servant leader qualities embraced as the overarching philosophy that guides our school-wide leadership program.

The Haverford School does not expect every Haverford student to have a leadership position by the time he is eighteen, but we want to provide the necessary skills when his leadership moment comes. Among the qualities of servant leadership The Haverford School wishes to instill in its graduates are:

A Framework of Ethical Behavior:

We provide this skill set through the Honor Code and moral example of our faculty and staff.

Sound Decision Making Skills:

Our school-wide education in making good decisions and the decision education thread of our curriculum reinforce these skills.

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A Sense of Service to Others:

The School-wide service learning program is integrated into the curriculum of all Divisions, and the Service Board oversees community service projects.

An Ability to Empathize with Others:

The Peer leadership program, course work in social psychology, and the Community Awareness Program teach tolerance and empathy school wide.

Self-Awareness and Social Reflection:

Beginning in our Lower School we are intentional with helping the boys find out what they are good at, what they are interested in and what their community needs.

Servant Leadership

The servant leader is servant first and begins with the desire to serve others and to make a significant contribution to a larger community. It is often embodied in our Key Man, who embodies the leadership skills critical to building a sense of community. The conscious choice to serve first defines The Haverford School model of Servant Leadership.

Character & Citizenship

Character & Citizenship is a tenet of The Haverford School experience, and includes the following programs:

Strategic Vision
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