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Upper School Mathematics

The Upper School mathematics program develops efficient problem solvers, effective communicators, independent and collaborative learners, and confident critical thinkers.

The Haverford School high school math Program on the Main Line, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

At the conclusion of their time at Haverford, students are able to read, write, and think clearly in the language of mathematics. They explore, reason logically, and make conjectures: facilities that extend well beyond the discipline.

Our expectations are rigorous, relevant to the real world and reflect the knowledge and skills our graduates will need to be well prepared for the mathematical challenges facing global citizens of the 21st century. Our hope is that each student acquires a deep appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of mathematics as well as for its practical applicability.

Haverford students are required to complete at least three years of mathematics; most students take four years of math and many add a math elective. Below you will find descriptions of the advanced (denoted by an *) and standard course offerings in each level of a traditional mathematics journey from algebra to calculus, as well as math electives for those students who wish to pursue additional topics in mathematics.


Core Courses

Elective Courses


  • Applied math courses include statistics, economics, finance, advanced topics in mathematics, and programming
  • Math Club
  • 14-Hour Math Modeling competition teams
  • American Math Contest exam
  • Temple OWLympiad and Math Madness competitions
  • Newton's Notebook, a math journal that showcases pure and applied mathematics through articles by faculty and students.

Meet Our Faculty