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The Haverford School Pre-kindergarten Program for boys on the Main Line, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

Pre-kindergarten boys are immersed in social and emotional learning through teacher-directed instruction as well as peer interactions throughout the day. Boys are taught to recognize and understand their emotions, and use communication tools to support to positive interactions. Here, Kimochis character, Cat, teaches the boys about forgiveness and making kind choices.

Curriculum Overview

The Haverford School's pre-kindergarten program is the gateway to a lifelong learning experience. Our curriculum employs an integrated, hands-on, thematic approach rooted in reading, writing, math, social studies, and social/emotional development, and includes "specials" in science, art, music, and physical education.

In these critical early years, we place a strong emphasis on building capable, independent, and self-directed learners. Through the use of small groups and a strong student-teacher ratio, we are able to differentiate each boy's work and adapt to his learning profile, abilities, and needs.

The Haverford School pre-kindergarten Program for boys on the Main Line, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

During a service learning project, pre-kindergarten students worked with their second grade buddies to pack dozens of bags of toiletries that were delivered to Girard Center in Philadelphia. 

Areas of Study

Each of my three sons, with distinctly different personalities, were nurtured and challenged from the start as pre-kindergarten students. Instilling the values of hard work, kindness, responsibility, and making good decisions at a time when the young brain is still ‘formatting’ yields capable young men who can achieve, give back, and be true to who they are. 

—Dorothy, parent