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Character & Citizenship

Encompassing global education, service learning, leadership, community life, and health and wellness, The Haverford School's approach to building character and citizenship is woven throughout a student’s experience.

Meet our Men of Character

The essential questions “Who am I?,” “Who are we?,” and “How are we connected?” frame the journeys that Haverford students travel on their road to character development.

A Haverford student belongs to and is responsible for a number of circles. The School builds character by creating the conditions and opportunities in which he experiences defining moments, moments of discomfort when he is challenged and stretched, when he learns something about himself and about others.

My Self: A Haverford student is reflective and self-aware. He has insight into his own strengths and weaknesses, his own health and well-being. He has made discoveries as to what he is capable of, where he wants to go, and what it will take to get there.

My Relationships: A Haverford student dedicates himself to building and maintaining positive and loving relationships with family and friends. He dedicates himself in service to his classmates, team or organization, and to the greater School community.

My Community: A Haverford student actively engages with his community. He serves and is served by authentic encounters with a diversity of people from a diversity of places.

My Country: A Haverford student looks for ways to serve his country. He is well-versed in his country’s values and history, engaged in current issues, and looks to improve conditions.

My World: A Haverford student has an awareness, respect, and understanding of international cultures and the common issues facing our global community.

The Haverford School Character & Responsibility

Twenty-four of our core values are carved in stone along the Walk of Virtues. It's clear that this is a School that knows what it aspires to achieve. We're trying to create young men of character who understand and exercise leadership, who are honest and courageous and responsible. Headmaster John A. Nagl

Character & Citizenship

Character & Citizenship is a tenet of The Haverford School experience, and includes the following programs:

Strategic Vision
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