Preparing Boys for Life

A Message from the Strategic Planning Co-chairs

Strategic Plan co-chairs


Dear Fords Nation,

It has often been said that the only constant is change.  As we look at today’s world, and where we are headed, that adage remains true, but incomplete – because change seems to happen faster and more broadly than ever before.  To ensure that The Haverford School continues to prepare boys for life, and to produce young men of character who are prepared to lead and to serve our increasingly diverse community, country, and world, the School is engaging in a strategic planning process.  It is our great honor to coordinate that process on behalf of the Board of Trustees, working closely with faculty, staff, alumni, parents, students, and experts in independent schools to identify priorities that will keep The Haverford School at the forefront of boys’ education.   

The School is fortunate to conduct this process from a position of strength. Haverford’s faculty and academic programs are first-rate, valued and respected by students, parents, and peers.  Our programs in arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities consistently earn accolades.  Our students gain entry to a wide variety of competitive colleges, where they thrive and contribute.  Our alumni remain committed to supporting the institution in myriad ways. Haverford truly is preparing boys for life, and their relationships with each other, and with their teachers, coaches, and mentors, continue far beyond graduation.

At the same time, we exist in an increasingly competitive market, and one where technology is changing both the skills our boys will need and the ways that those skills are taught and learned. Haverford must plan for, and in some cases break new ground on, initiatives that will allow us to maintain a position as leaders in educating boys.  We aspire to act thoughtfully and boldly, inclusively and compassionately, creatively and courageously to develop a Strategic Plan that will leverage the School’s current strengths and capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead.

It is our privilege and responsibility to help prepare Haverford students for leadership and service in a radically different world.  We are extraordinarily excited about partnering with the Haverford community to envision the next generation of our great school.

For the boys, 

Caroline De Marco

Caroline De Marco P'20'22

John Hollway P'18