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Haverford School Today Winter 2017

The music of The Haverford School's alumni is as rich and diverse as the genre itself. Sit back, relax, and imagine yourself on the set of Broadway musical with sound designer Alex Hawthorn '04; revel in the storytelling of folk singer Chuck Brodsky '78; or listen to masters of the classical genre who are performing across the world.

Alex Hawthorn '04 - Sound Designer

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Christian Atanasiu '01 - Associate Principal Violist, Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra and German National Opera on the Rhein

The Buck Family - A Cappella

The Buck family music a cappella

Title of the Song (live)
Jim Buck '77, The Tonics

Washing Dishes with my Sweetie
Bill Buck '46, Suburban Squires

Chuck Brodsky '78 - Folk Singer

For more of Chuck's music, visit

Paul Bogaev '71 - Music Director, Arranger, Composer & Performer

Alan Stepansky '78 - Cello Faculty Artist, Music Academy of the West

Hear more from Alan on his website:

Piruz Partow '94 - Executive Director, Brooklyn Music School; Persian Tar Player, Vatan

Hear more from Piruz on Vatan's website: or read his Brooklyn Music School bio.

Michael Stairs - Former Faculty

The cover story of Haverford School Today, "Crescendo: Music at Haverford," highlights the evolution of the music curriculum, and the nationally renowned educators and alumni in its ranks.

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Happening at Haverford

Notables A Cappella

Celebrantes Choir

The Arts at Haverford