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Volume II of Newton's Notebook math journal published
Volume II of Newton's Notebook math journal published

The second edition of Haverford's math journal, Newton's Notebook, has been published and printed. It was led by Math Department Chair Susan Mitchell and Editors-in-Chief V Former Mickey Fairorth and VI Former Eusha Hasan. Volume II features articles on pure mathematics topics including the Riemann Zeta function, applied mathematics topics such as hacking into the modern car, and four poems. 

"Last year when I was approached to write two articles for the first edition, I was ecstatic for the opportunity to showcase my love for mathematics. I knew I wanted to spearhead the production for the next issue, and I could not be prouder of the work that the journal staff have done this year," said Hasan.

The mission of Newton's Notebook is "to enhance the interests, talents, and achievements of all individuals in the mathematical sciences, and provide the opportunity to promote the work of those most passionate about the discipline. The articles were written by members of the Haverford community and edited by our staff. We hope that reading these articles will inspire others to explore the fascinating realm of mathematics."

"This year's math journal was bigger and more polished, and more math lovers are coming out to write for the journal every year," said Hasan. "I hope to see Haverford's reputation in educating future mathematicians, scientists, and engineers grow exponentially." 

Volume III of Newton's Notebook will be led by Fairorth, IV Former Charlie Baker and V Former Will Vauclain. They are working toward recruiting younger students to contribute to the journal and finalizing the website for Newton's Notebook

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