Preparing Boys for Life

Tim Dougherty ‘10 joins Upper School science class for climate change discussion

Tim Dougherty ‘10 joined Dr. Daniel Goduti’s Upper School Environmental Science class on March 3. The class, which just completed a unit on oceans, aquaculture, and offshore drilling, is shifting their focus to global climate change.

Dougherty has showcased the impact of climate change in his book Overview Timelapse: How We Change the Earth, which was published in Oct. 2020 and co-written with Haverford School alum Benjamin Grant ‘07. The book examines human’s impact on the planet using striking photographs of the Earth from satellites. 

During the session with the students, Dougherty examined ways in which the environment has changed as the world’s population has grown. He used the example of Shanghai to illustrate his point. As the boys examined two satellite photographs of Shanghai, which has seen extraordinary growth in the last 30 years, Dougherty noted that the city is approximately the size of Los Angeles, but has double the population. 

“Population is a huge part of why the planet has changed so rapidly,” said Dougherty. “How do you scale all those people? You put them in cities.” 

Dougherty also walked the students through examples of how transportation, consumerism, and other human impact is causing the Earth’s climate and environment to change. 

Overview Timelapse was created in partnership with six organizations, including NASA and the European Space Agency. It has been named an Amazon best seller and one of Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2020. Dougherty and Grant operate the popular @dailyoverview Instagram page, which was originally started by Grant and now has over 1 million followers.