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Students recognized at Upper School Honors Day

The Upper School gathered to celebrate several members of the School during the annual Honors Day ceremony on June 9. The event was led by Head of Upper School Mark Fifer, and included remarks by Head of School Dr. John Nagl. 

Read the full list of winners below. You can see photos of the event here, and watch the full presentation here


The Robert L. Finch Award: Brendan Patrick Sullivan and Noble Parker Winston De Marco

The Peter A. Chamberlain Award: William Blackburne Costin and Dylan Maxwell Haron

The Rhode Island School of Design Award: Ruidong Li and Edward J. Malone

The Lewis-Wright Award: Robert Decker Patterson Jr. and Judah Weekes

The Edward Hilary Reuss III '38 Memorial Prize: Damian Ferraro

The Music Technology Prize: Elijah Lee

The Centennial Hall Award for Technical Theatre: Ethan B. Diamond

The Haverford School Theater Award: Trevor Pettibone and Liam Harkins

The Thomas Worth Thespis Award: Andrew Loughnane


The Robert U. Jameson Debate Award: Agustin Aliaga

The Paul B. Rochberg '63 Memorial Creative Writing Prize: Jeffrey Qianliang Yang

The Lewis Gouverneur Smith 1910 Memorial Prize: James Henry Wang (Pegasus) and Matthew Louis Schwartz (The Index)

The Norman Mailer Literary Award: Jackson Albert Phelan, “Golden Dawn, Golden Days"

The Stephen B. Knowlton Prize: Brian Edward Williams

The Robert U. Jameson Memorial Prize: Tyler Stuart Zimmer


The IV Form History Prize: Joseph Bernard Kauffman

The Francis White 1910 Scholar: Jeffrey Qianliang Yang

The Frank E. DeSimone, Esquire Mock Trial Award: Franklin S. Dai and Matthew Louis Schwartz

The D.A.R Prize: Kevin Bowen Deng

The Form VI History Award: Alfred Jefferson Sanford II


The Joseph P. Healey Award: Agustin Aliaga

The William Wallace Prize: Benjamin Michael Fosnocht

The Maurice L. Clancy Memorial Prize in Spanish: George Thomas Mallory Lanchoney

The Eastern and Western Languages Award: Quinn Nam Luong

The Linguistics Prize: Jeffrey Qianliang Yang


The John C. Lober '20 Prize: Weizhen Gao

The Rudolph Hamma Blythe, Jr. '59 Computer Award: Elijah Heejoon Lee and Josiah Eldridge Somani

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Prize in Economics: Mitav Nayak

High Scorer on the AMC 10 Mathmatics Exam: Jingyuan Chen

High Scorer on the AMC 12 Mathmatics Exam: Weizhen Gao

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Certificate (joint math/science award): Ruidong Li 


The Robert C. Rugg Memorial Prize: Christopher Schwarting and Anthony John Valentino

The Antoine Lavoisier Chemistry Prize: Ryan Spencer Davey

The Haverford School Robotics Excellence Award: Owen Francis Gormley

The Barton Sensenig Science Prize: Carter Alex McCann

The James L. Dunn '38 Prize: Brian Edward Williams


The Class and School Spirit Award – Form III: Michael S. Barnes-Pace and Jackson Arnold Raleigh

The Class and School Spirit Award – Form IV: Louis Scott Atkinson and Roch Scott Parayre

The Class and School Spirit Award – Form V: Edward J. Malone and Samuel Edward Kohl

The Class and School Spirit Award – Form VI: Matthew Dominick Carlino and Timothy Liam Harkins

The William Corey '08 Memorial Award: Quinn Nam Luong

John E. Krout ’37 Memorial Award: William Todd Rubin

The Thomas Allerton Newhall Memorial Prize: Frederick Michael Jordan

The Thomas D. Harrison, Jr. Memorial Prize Christopher Schwarting

The William Edward Gwinn '86 Memorial Prize: Joseph Bernard Kauffman & Nathan Eli Mirin

The William G. Warden II '21 Memorial Prize: Jeffrey Qianliang Yang & John Damian Ferraro

The Cecile B. Jarvis Award: Robert Baird Murray

The Frank R. Ewing, Jr. Oar Award: Alfred Jefferson Sanford II

National Merit Award Finalists: William James Dodds, Jonathan Andrew Flieder, Benjamin Michael Fosnocht, Weizhen Gao, Maxim Hummel Kreider, Cyril D. Leahy, Brian Edward Williams

The Donald J. McBride Award: Brian James Galasso

The Robert M. Gillin, Jr. '81 Memorial Prize: Ryan Ngo

Book Awards:

The Harvard Club of Philadelphia Award: Adamya Aggarwal

The University of Chicago Book Award: Huaidian Hou 

The University of Pennsylvania Book Award: Jeffrey Qianliang Yang

The Williams College Book Award: Elijah Heejoon Lee

The Princeton Book Award: Quinn Nam Luong

Wake Forest University Book Award: Austin Wei Zhuang

The University of Virginia Book Award: Samuel Sylvester Tryon

The Yale Book Award: Mitav Nayak

Athletic Awards:

The Supportive Parent Award: Linda Genther

The Yale Cup: Matthew James Quigley Jr.

The J. Sanders Haas Trophy: Kai Waldon Jacobs

The William L. Thorkelson ’68 Award: Colby II Hae Kim

Tyler Lee Groseclose III ’69 Captains Cup: Fall - Kieran Patrick Bradley; Winter - Andrew Baird Minnis; Spring - Eric Antonio Genther

The John J. Gallagher Jr. ’69 Athletic Achievement and Spirit Award: Quintin Anderson Campbell

The James K Kip Taviano '13 Award: Samuel William Gerber

Charles J. Rainear II ’34 Memorial Shield: Christopher George Roger Sims

The Gordon B. Hattersley Jr. ‘48 Award: Varsity Squash