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Students recognized at Upper School Honors Day

Several Upper School students were recognized during the annual Honors Day, presided over by Patrick Andrén, Head of Upper School, and Dr. Nagl. Upper School department heads presented awards to deserving students during the closing ceremony. 


  • The Robert L. Finch Art Award: Andrew Paradis and Tyler Rippie

  • The Peter Chamberlain Award: Robert Blewett and Andrew Tornetta

  • Rhode Island School of Design Award: Charles Dorrance Baker and Noah Rubien

  • The Peter Lund Toebe Memorial Award: Daniel Y. Chow


  • The Lewis-Wright Award: Nikhil Chakraborty

  • The Edward Hillary Reuss III Memorial Prize: Robert Patterson

  • The Music Technology Prize: Thomas White


  • The Centennial Hall Award for Technical Theatre: Andrew Feng

  • The Haverford School Theater Award: Jackson Overton-Clark and Thomas Russell

  • The Thomas Worth Thespis Award: Jeffrey Pendergast


  • The Robert U. Jameson Debate Award: Yan Graf
  • The Paul B. Rochberg Memorial Creative Writing Prize: Troy Barnes and Jamaal Shaw
  • The Lewis Gouverneur Smith Memorial Prize: Kenneth Pham
  • The Norman Mailer Literary Award: Charles Towle
  • The Stephen B. Knowlton Prize: Samuel Walker
  • The Robert U. Jameson Memorial Prize: Nelson Liu


  • The IV Form History Prize: Matthew Schwartz
  • The Francis White Scholar: Toby Ma
  • The D.A.R. Prize: Ryan LaRocca
  • The Frank E. DeSimone, Esquire Mock Trial Award: Robert Esgro
  • The History Department Prize: Jesse Goldman


  • The Joseph P. Healey Award: Aidan Leavy
  • The William Wallace Prize: Andrew D’Arcangelo
  • The Maurice L. Clancy Memorial Prize in Spanish: William Vauclain
  • The Eastern and Western Languages Award: Francis Radano
  • The Linguistics Prize: Nelson Liu


  • The John C. Lober Prize: Michael Fairorth
  • The Rudolph Hamma Blythe Jr. Computer Award: Jackson Clunk and William Vauclain
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Prize in Economics: Benjamin Gerber
  • The High Scorer on the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10 Mathematics Exam: Daniel Hou and Ethan Saddler
  • The High Scorer on the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 12 Mathematics Exam: Gary Gao
  • The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Certificate: Toby Ma


  • The Robert C. Rugg Memorial Prize: Adamya Aggarwal, Edward Malone, Benjamin Springer
  • The Antoine Lavoisier Chemistry Prize: Samuel Charles Lynch Slane
  • The Barton Sensenig Science Prize: Jared Hoefner
  • The James L. Dunn Prize: Michael Fairorth

Upper School Awards

  • The Class and School Spirit Award: Form III, Teddy Malone
; Form IV, Colby Kim and Christopher Sims
; Form V, Luke Macaione and Christopher Tsetsekos
; Form VI: Nicholas Brill-Edwards

  • The William Corey Memorial Award: Caleb Reed
  • The John E. Krout ’37 Memorial Award: Jahmiel Jackson
  • The Severinghaus Global Scholar Award: George Lanchoney and Kenneth Pham
  • The Thomas Allerton Newhall Memorial Prize: Quinn Luong
  • The Thomas D. Harrison Jr. Memorial Prize: Jeffrey Yang
  • The William Edward Gwinn Memorial Prize: Nathan Tai
  • The William G. Warden II Memorial Prize: Carson DeMarco
  • The Cecile B. Jarvis Award: Ryan Ngo
  • The Frank R. Ewing Jr. Oar Award: Luke Follman
  • The Donald J. McBride Award: Shane Fordham
  • The Robert M. Gillin Jr. Memorial Prize: Luke Kania

Book Awards

  • The Harvard Club of Philadelphia Award: Toby Ma
  • The University of Chicago Book Award: Charles Baker
  • The University of Pennsylvania Book Award: Pearse Glavin
  • The Williams College Book Award: Christopher Clark
  • The Princeton Book Award: Kwaku Adubofour
  • The Wake Forest University Book Award: Ryan LaRocca
  • The University of Virginia Book Award: William Boyes
  • The Yale Book Award: Alexander Greer

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