Preparing Boys for Life

Science teachers present to Delhi Public School Society

Upper School science teacher Kara Cleffi and science department chair Dr. Daniel Goduti presented at a webinar with the Delhi Public School Society on Friday, Aug. 7. They spoke to more than 150 teachers about encouraging student interest in biology through teaching biotechnology and current research. 

The DPS Society oversees a network of private schools in India and beyond. Cleffi was connected to the society through Dr. Amita Sehgal, a professor in the neuroscience department at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Haverford students in Cleffi’s Advanced Laboratory Research Cooperative have completed their research at Sehgal’s laboratory. 

Dr. Sehgal’s sister, Vanita Sehgal, is the Executive Director for Human Resource Development for the DPS Society and coordinates its professional development opportunities for teachers. Cleffi worked with Vanita to arrange and facilitate the webinar for DPS biology teachers. 

Cleffi’s presentation focused on the biology curriculum at Haverford, highlighting some recent student lessons and projects related to biotechnology and current research, such as genetic engineering and human health and disease. 

Goduti presented “Epidemiology and infectious diseases: Engaging students to understand and develop biotechnology-based solutions,” which focused on his elective biology course at Haverford called Global Impacts of Infectious Disease. 

“The seminar went very well,” said Cleffi. “Not only did Daniel and I present lesson ideas, but a number of the DPS teachers did as well. The participants were very enthusiastic and we got great feedback. We hope to continue to collaborate with the Society in the future.”