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Robotics finishes fourth at VEX World Championships

The Haverford School's robotics team, The Cavalry, qualified six teams for the 2018 VEX Robotics World Championships April 25-May 1 in Louisville, Ky.

In the High School competition, out of 579 teams, Haverford School's 169E (junior Intel Chen, junior Jared Hoefner, sophomore Alexander Greer, sophomore Bennett Twitmyer, and freshman Maxim Kreider) in alliance with team 8059X "Blank." from Singapore, won the Math Division, advanced to the overall finals round-robin and finished No. 4 in the world.

169A (junior Scott Shaw, junior Will Clark, and freshman Safa Obuz) in alliance with 2131R "Pirates of Antelope Isle" from Utah, were finalists in the Arts Division. 169C (sophomore Toby Ma, sophomore Noah Rubien, and senior Michael Feng) in alliance with 2131W "Radioactive Bananas" from Utah advanced to the round of 16 Research Division elimination qualifier. 169Y (junior Will Vauclain, sophomore Aditya Sardesai, sophomore Daniel Chow) finished ranked No. 61 in the Technology Division.

"Our fourth place finish this year was incredible. The students faced tough competition at the State and World levels, but it was their dedication to pushing at the edges of innovative robot design that enabled them to compete at this level," said Holly Golecki, Haverford School Director of Robotics. "Our program is consistently among the best in the world and that is because of the legacy the students create within the program."

In the Middle School VEX IQ competition 169Y (sixth-graders Sean Ngo, Samuel Jiru, Preston Wu, Jackson Harrington, Lucas Harrington, Blake Paul, and David Gustafsson) finished No. 46 in the Technology Division and 169B (seventh-graders Arnav Sardesai, Zachary Shah, and Ronan Wood) finished No. 70 in the Engineering Division.

"It was especially wonderful to see our Middle School teams compete at the World Championships. Some in their first year of robotics, had the opportunity to interact with students from over 47 countries. Robotics is a great way to facilitate that global experience at such a young age."

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