Preparing Boys for Life

Citizens of the Week: Mitav Nayak and Germination Project Fellows

Each year, the project chooses about twenty 10th grade students from a competitive field of applicants from public and private schools, nurturing their interests in a wide range of fields through the boot camp, mentorship opportunities, internship placements, networking, funding, and unlimited encouragement.

Take Mitav Nayak, a 17-year-old junior at The Haverford School. The Germination Project inspired him to channel his passion for economics to a particularly timely endeavor: analyzing the City of Philadelphia budget. “I’m really interested in economics and finance—I took macroeconomics, and I’m taking microeconomics right now and really enjoying it,” he says.

For the last year, with Raju’s encouragement, he’s been taking a deep dive into the publicly available data about the City budget, preparing infographics to explain where our money is going to and coming from, and how it’s been impacted by the pandemic and the American Relief Plan as well.

“The projections versus what actually ended up happening, which we learned a few weeks ago, weren’t very far off,” he says. “It wasn’t completely accurate, but it also wasn’t as far off as you’d expect, given how crazy the last year has been.”

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