Preparing Boys for Life

“Actually” prompts student conversations on identity, inclusion, and intimacy

Fifth and Sixth Formers at The Haverford School and The Baldwin School attended a showing of the play “Actually” written by Anna Ziegler. The play follows two students, Amber and Tom, as they start their freshman year at Princeton. Amber and Tom spend a night together, but afterwards disagree on whether the intimate activities they engaged in that night were consensual. In addition to consent, “Actually” tackles issues of gender, race, identity, and sobriety. 

The play was put on by the Philadelphia-based Half Key Theatre Company. Michaela Shuchman, a graduate of The Baldwin School’s Class of 2012, played Amber, and Dana Orange played Tom. Shuchman and Orange held a question and answer session at the conclusion of the play, allowing students to react to the play, while also asking questions about the issues presented in the production.

“I think the play was positive for the Haverford School community,” said VI Former Chris Tsetsekos. “Actually” made many students feel uncomfortable as a result of its rhetoric, storyline, and boundary-pushing, but the student body grew from this experience.”