Preparing Boys for Life

Sixth grader uses passion for art and animals to make a difference

Sixth grader Sam has put his creative skills to work to support the Providence Animal Center in Media, Pa. Sam is helping to raise money by drawing a picture of an owner’s dog when they make a donation to the organization. He asks for a small donation to the Providence Animal Shelter in exchange for a one-of-a-kind drawing of their dog. 

“I first started drawing pictures of my dog, which I really enjoyed, but I also wanted to do something to make people smile and help animals during COVID-19,” said Sam. “Providence Animal Center means a lot to me, because it is where we rescued our dog, Leo.” 

To start, Sam gets a photo of the donor’s dog via email. Using an app called Procreate, Sam pulls out the dog’s key facial features, removes the background, and fills in the photo with colors that match the dog’s coat. Each drawing takes between five and 15 minutes. He has completed 20 drawings so far. 

“I like this project because it combines my love of art and my love of animals,” said Sam.

Sam enjoys participating in service activities at Haverford. His favorite was the Walk for Water event in second grade, which raises money to build infrastructure to deliver fresh water in communities in Africa.

Sam and his family have long supported the Providence Animal Center, as that is where his dog, Leo, was rescued from. 

To learn more about Sam’s work, and to donate, go to