Preparing Boys for Life

Middle School Closing Ceremony honors Form II students

The Middle School celebrated its Form II boys during the annual Middle School Closing Ceremony. The celebration, held with families and friends in attendance, marked the boys’ completion of the Middle School program and their rise to the Upper School. 

During the ceremony, the Middle School's vocal ensemble, The Celebrantes performed for the audience. Head of School Tyler Casertano, Middle School Student Body President Tommy G., and Head of Middle School Dr. Jay Greytok ’83 all spoke during the ceremony. Dr. Greytok, taking one last time to share wisdom with the departing Form II boys, reminded them to make time for those who provide support in all aspects of their lives. 

Middle School Dean of Students Tracy Nelson presented several awards during the assembly, including: 

  • The Jack Berrettini ’09 Award, which is presented to the member of the eighth grade class who best exemplifies the characteristics of Jack Berrettini, a former member of the Class of 2009 who died in 2013. This student demonstrates integrity, kindness, loyalty, and respect for others, building meaningful relationships with both his classmates and his teachers. Riyadh R. was presented with the Berrettini Award.
  • The Thomas Worth Award, which is presented to a member of the eighth grade class who recognizes and encourages the best in his fellows, distinguishes himself by the creativity he brings to the Middle School community, and is an eager participant in and enthusiastic supporter of all School efforts and activities. This award was given to John F.
  • The William Denning Shaler Dickson Award, which is named in memory of Bill Dickson, a longtime Middle School math teacher, coach, and Associate Dean of Student Affairs who died in 2003 after a lengthy battle with cancer. This award is presented annually to a member of the eighth grade class who over the course of his Middle School years has demonstrated his commitment to personal growth on the playing field, in the classroom, on stage, and in his interactions with others. This award was presented to Max S. 
  • The Michael J. Cunningham Award, which is presented to the member of the Middle School who excels in his ability to meet scholastic and athletic challenges and whose bearing combines both self-respect and sensitivity to the feelings and ideas of his fellow students. This award was presented to Talan M.