Preparing Boys for Life

Middle School boys earn high honors on National Latin Exam

Two dozen Middle School students received honors for their performance on the National Latin Exam. One Form I boy earned a perfect score, a rare feat for the exam, while two other students – one in Form I and one in Form II – earned a 39/40 on the exam. 

All Form I and Form II students sit for the exam, which is held in February each year.

“I always look forward to the National Latin Exam, as it is a fun way for the boys to test themselves against students around the country, especially because some of the material can be very challenging,” said Lauren Faralli, Middle School Latin teacher. “The boys are always so eager to do their best, and they encourage their peers, too. It is a great example of the supportive nature of the Middle School community.” 

The Form I boys can receive certificates from the American Classical League (ACL) and the National Junior Classical League (NJCL) for participating in the exam. In Form II, students can earn a gold or silver medal for their performance. 

While the boys do not receive marks in Faralli’s gradebook for their performance on the exam, she does provide special prizes for boys who do well. 

“I offer them both individual and section-wide prizes, such as homework passes or a pizza party if an entire class section scores above a certain score,” said Faralli. 

In Form II, two students earned Gold Medals (Summa Cum Laude) and four won Silver Medals (Maxima Cum Laude). Three Form II boys earned Magna Cum Laude and five received Cum Laude honors for their achievement.  

Form I boys also had a strong showing. One student earned a Perfect Score Certificate and Ribbon. Five students earned a Certificate and Ribbon, while four boys received a Certificate for their work.