Preparing Boys for Life

Third graders use Design Thinking, collaboration for annual Egypt Fair

To celebrate the end of their unit on ancient Egypt, students showcased their knowledge by presenting the annual Egypt Fair on March 23. 

Throughout the unit, the boys considered how artifacts in museums reflect the culture of a civilization. With this in mind, and using the Design Thinking process and the LAUNCH Cycle, they planned and presented an interactive museum and a presentation on historical elements about ancient Egypt. Their presentation focused on daily life, how pyramids were built, and the mummification process.

Each boy had the chance to pick their topic they covered and a choice on their presentation style. Boys could be in one of the plays, or present in the interactive museum. After picking their topic and presentation medium, the boys conducted research using various sources, including books, videos, and the internet. To finish the unit, the students wrote a reflection about their experience of studying ancient Egypt and presenting their topics.

“Our ancient Egypt Museum allows the students to explore the many facets of the Egyptian culture through a hands-on learning experience,” said third grade teacher Kate Thorburn, on behalf of her grade-level colleagues Trish Heavey and Ryan Wilson. “The Museum offers an opportunity for the students to be the expert in their field. Even with our restrictions this year, the boys demonstrated flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm through their presentation. We are extremely proud of the boys!” 

During the museum, the boys presented their interactive projects to faculty and staff. All the ‘artifacts’ created by the students were made out of recycled materials. 

While family and friends were unable to attend this year’s Egypt Fair, the entire presentation was filmed. Click here to see a gallery of photos and here to see a video of the presentation.

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