Preparing Boys for Life

Second graders complete annual Walk for Water service learning project

The second grade completed the annual Walk for Water service learning project, in partnership with H2O for Life, a nonprofit organization. The boys spent Earth Day carrying gallons of water around the School’s Class of 1975 Field. 

The project focuses on raising awareness about the global water crisis, conserving water, and to help build wells benefitting their partner school, Kitelewasi Secondary School in Tanzania. Now in its 11th year, Walk for Water is a service learning project that provides the boys with the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. 

The boys, who walk three miles during the Walk for Water event, carry gallons of water to simulate the hardships many children around the world experience daily to obtain water. 

“This is one of our favorite projects because it is hands-on for the boys, and gives them a real-life opportunity to address a global issue,” said Jini Loos, Director of Service Learning at The Haverford School. “They learn early on that they can be actively involved in global sustainability efforts. This helps them to begin to construct that foundation for their futures, reminding them of their personal responsibility towards building a more healthy and sustainable world.” 

The project began in March with a fundraising campaign led by the second grade students. The boys raised money in all three School divisions with their Drop in the Bucket collections. Every penny dropped into each bucket represents one drop of clean water.

All boys are challenged to think about their own habits concerning water usage and develop awareness of the enormity of the issues surrounding water in our world. 

To view photos from the Walk for Water, click here.