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City Love shares musical message of inclusivity and equity with Lower School students

City Love, a music and education group based out of Philadelphia, held virtual assemblies with Haverford’s Lower School students on Friday, Oct. 9. Maureen Finlan, Lower School Director of Student Life, organized four separate assemblies via Google Meet for the seven grade levels.

During the assemblies, City Love musicians Emyne Sanders-Rasul and Brian Jordan shared original songs from their young children's album World of Love.

“City Love then led the students in breakout discussions focused on inclusivity and equity, standing up for each other, self-love, and celebrating our similarities and differences as a community,” said Finlan. The musicians taught students to use the American Sign Language sign for “me too” as a way to show connection and engagement during the discussions without interrupting others.

“It was a wonderful morning filled with inspiring music and conversation, and we can't wait to have City Love join us again!" Finlan said.