Preparing Boys for Life

Tucker Twitmyer ’86, P’20 adjusts business to serve community

Tucker Twitmyer ’86 has adapted his business at Option Signs and Environmental Graphics to serve the needs of the community.

The Oakhurst Intubation Box (pictured) is helping to save the lives of our front-line doctors, nurses, and clinicians all over the country.

The company’s Distance Dots™ help reassure, inform, and direct our fellow citizens in social distancing.

Municipalities, election commission, and the post office have been Twitmyer’s biggest customers during this time. They are all working hard to deliver Workforce PPE to the new front line - the people who are still going to work every day to keep our society functioning.

“The support from my classmates and schoolmates and parents has been incredible," he said. "They appreciate that for many of our employees, even a one-week disruption of pay means a missed car payment, missed rent payment, or no food. John Powers ’86 recently joined the sales team. Carter Wiliams '86 is a regular source of insights. Tom Brooks '86 is looking at our offerings for his manufacturing facility. Caldwell Hart (an almost '86) introduced us to his Amazon distribution team. Our web store has even seen purchases driven by my son, VI Former Bennett, and an all-out effort from many of his classmates to help boost traffic to our sneeze guards.”