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Morgan Young '08 provides support as healthcare architect

Morgan Young '08 has been working as a healthcare architect in Philadelphia and was recently was assigned to New York Presbyterian Hospital’s response to the coronavirus. Over the course of two weeks, a team of three at Array Architects designed and converted an old behavioral health unit to an Intermediate Care Unit that could handle the influx of COVID-19 patients at their Allen Hospital. "The project was extremely rapid pace. We were on call 24 hours a day as the construction team worked onsite from 7 a.m.-2 a.m., calling at all hours asking where exactly electrical and medical gas outlets were suppose to go."

While executing that project, Array Architects was approached by iCrowd and New York Presbyterian to see if they would design a tent hospital. Young participated in the design and construction of a tent hospital in Central Park and at the athletic “Bubble” at Columbia University. "The whole experience was new, different, and stressful, but in the end extremely rewarding. Due to our firm's, and the hospital’s, policy during the time, we were unable to travel to the job site. This made it extra difficult because not only had we never seen the unit, but we designed the entire unit based off photos from the contractor and the existing plans provided by the hospital. 

Young is pictured here, in the green shirt.