Preparing Boys for Life

Joel Kline '79 lends hand in Iowa ICU

Joel Kline ’79 is a pulmonary/critical care doctor at an academic medical center in Iowa, and has spent four of the past six weeks in the intensive care unit. “Currently, our ICU is nearly full of COVID-19 patients, most on ventilators, many on dialysis, full racks of IV medications. It is tiring but my colleagues know how to take care of the very sick; it's what we train for. People thank me for my service but I feel privileged to have the opportunity to step up and pitch in. My greatest sacrifice was my beard, last shaved in May 1979, a week before graduation! I am grateful for the janitors, the grocery clerks, the postal workers, the amazon delivery drivers ... all those who make it possible for our current social isolation to be feasible. I am grateful for my daughter-in-law who is continuing to teach her third graders by Zoom. I am grateful for her parents and many like her who are taking care of the children. This is going to change our lives for years, if not forever. Stay safe!”