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Entrepreneurs Jeff Kaiser '08 and Eric Friedman '07 send cash to those in need

Jeff Kaiser ’08 of Propel and Eric Friedman '07 of GiveDirectly have teamed up to do good. GiveDirectly makes cash transfers to some of the poorest people in the world, while Propel has a mobile app for people on food stamps. “As the crisis unfolded, we started hearing from our users about the financial stress they were facing due to job loss, kids home from school, etc. What better way to help than to simply send people cash?”

As of mid-April, the joint project has raised more than $5M, including from people like Rihanna and companies like Google. They are now sending thousands of $1,000 payments every week to some of the poorest households in America to help make ends meet during the pandemic. Visit the donation link or learn more in these articles from Forbes and Washington Post.