Preparing Boys for Life

Director of Diversity and Inclusion interviewed on identity, equity, and belonging

Director of Diversity and Inclusion Brendon Jobs was recently interviewed on GTown Radio and Third Space. Currently, he is preparing for the Reimagining Education: Teaching and Learning in Racially Diverse Schools Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

“Play & Practice: Empowering the School Community with Storytelling” The Not So Hidden Agenda. GTown Radio. (2019).

"Schools can be beautifully hopeful and expressive places," said Jobs. "For so long, we've been trying to solve the problem of racism by creating policies to somehow chip away at the impact of institutionalized racism, without actually dealing with the interpersonal interactions that hurt, harm and traumatize us on an ongoing basis, day in and day out. 

"Storytelling empowers school communities by supporting them in the practice of sharing experiences and lived realities. When people choose to share their stories, they bravely speak their life in ways that model vulnerability and trust in community."  

“The Role of the Diversity Director” Third Space Podcast with Jen Cort (2019).

"Identity conflict is the way I've been thinking about it a lot more. Being able to name and notice identity stress when it is happening for you or when you see it happening between other people has greatly influenced my practice over the past several years."

In addition to his role as Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jobs also teaches Modern World History and Modern Black Lives in the Upper School. He was named a James Madison Fellow, Lehrman Fellow, National Constitution Center Annenberg Fellow, Education Pioneer Fellow. Ongoing training with Penn GSE's Racial Empowerment Collaborative and the Race Institute informs his approach to imagining and building inclusive communities. Jobs holds a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University and M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania.

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