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Middle School squash wins national championship

Haverford’s Middle School squash A team clinched a national title at the U.S. Middle School Team Squash Championships on Jan. 27 by edging out Bronxville 5-0. Three Haverford teams competed in the event held at Yale University in New Haven, Conn.

The tournament featured four divisions of teams. Two Haverford teams competed in Division I and one team competed in Division II. All teams made a strong showing, with the Haverford B team finishing eighth in Division I, and Haverford C finishing third in Division II and 19th nationally.

The teams were led by Ron Koenig, head coach of Middle School squash, and Asad Khan, Director of Squash Programs.

“Our players worked hard all year, and capped off their season with a dominant performance at the National Championships,” said Koenig. “I’m very proud of our boys, and excited to see what they do as they continue their squash careers.”

This is the third national title for Haverford’s Middle School squash program, with previous wins in 2014 and 2016.

“We are proud of our Middle School squash teams for claiming the National Championship,” said Michael Murphy, Director of Athletics. “As one of the premier squash programs in the country, it is exciting for us to have a strong foundation upon which we can continue to build our Upper School program into one of the best nationally.”

Haverford’s Upper School squash program also found success this season, as the Haverford A team clinched the Inter-Ac title, going 4-0 this year. The Fords will compete as the second seed in the U.S. High School National Championship held Feb. 1-3 in Hartford, Conn. The team is slated as the top seed in the Mid-Atlantic Squash Association Championships.