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Inside the Inter-Ac spotlights cross country coach Mike Toomey

Inside the Inter-Ac is a spotlight on some of our most important stakeholders, the coaches. This weekly feature hopes to allow fans of the Inter-Ac to get to know the coaches on a more personal level.
This week, we heard from:
Mike Toomey, Haverford School, Boys Cross Country
Q: What do you love about coaching at the Haverford School?
A: I love coaching at an all boys school like Haverford. We talk a lot about "The Brotherhood", and that certainly extends to our xc team. They look out for each other and truly care about their teammates and competitors. They are true students of the sport and I'm honored to share my experiences with them. I have been so lucky to have great coaches along the way, and I have taken something from each of them. 
Q: What is your best coaching moment/memory?
A: This is only my second year with the team, but my favorite memory so far is working with them through Covid...they never got down and still achieved personal and team goals.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
A: My coaches always told me to embrace racing. If you show up with a bus load of kids ready to race, your chances for success are pretty good. 
Q: What advice would you give to middle school student hoping to play your sport in high school?
A: Take it slow, and learn our sport. It's important to know why you are doing certain things. I want the young kids in our program to be students of the sport and not be afraid of taking chances and experimenting to see what works. 
Q: Who has been your greatest coaching mentor?
A: I can't pick just one. My high school coach, Tom McDermott, taught me the sport and made me fall in love with it. My college coach, George Davis, was NCAA Coach of the year and coached our team to a National Title. Finally, my Reebok Boston coach, Bob Sevene put it all together for me as I started coaching. All three are a big part of my philosophy and approach. 
Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: The Lord of The Rings - although I always wondered why they didn't just run to Mordor! 

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