Preparing Boys for Life

Upper School art class makes campus collages using new laser cutter

Kristin Brown’s Digital Art II class used a new state-of-the-art Glowforge laser cutter to create collages of Haverford’s campus. The device utilizes a laser as thin as a piece of hair to cut and engrave designs into various materials. 

For this project, the class sought inspiration from the School’s landscape, buildings, and specific elements that make Haverford unique. In addition to using new technology, the students utilized several art concepts and techniques to create their artwork, and had to consider how to use varying shapes to create layered, engaging landscapes.

“The students started by walking around campus and documenting elements around campus as large as entire buildings or as small as the brickwork and foliage,” said Brown. “The students could then use one photograph or collage them together to create a landscape in Adobe Illustrator.” 

After exporting their Illustrator creations, the students then utilized the laser cutter, which was installed this summer, to cut the final piece together. The boys then utilized pencil and gouache to add texture and depth to their pieces of art. 

The laser cutter provides dozens of learning opportunities for art students. Upper School students also explored different ways of using the device to create stencils for painting and acrylic puzzles.