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Two US students selected for Media Arts Council High School Show

Two Upper School students, VI former Jack Phelan and IV former Neil Sawhney, were recently selected for the Media Arts Council 2021 High School Student Artists Show, entitled “Together We Rise.”

Phelan and Sawhney were two of 22 student-artists chosen from seven local high schools. The show went live online on Jan. 22. You can see the full show gallery here >


Sawhney’s art piece is titled “The Smokey Buddha.” He said, “I wanted to capture a symbol for peace. A zoomed in picture of a Buddha with a blurred background helped the peace symbol stand out.”



Phelan’s art piece is “Untitled.” He said, “I wanted to focus around LGBT themes and colors. I hope it can help LGBT people feel more comfortable and encourage everyone to be who they want to be.”