Preparing Boys for Life.

Industrial approach to art and design

Students in Portfolio I Honors, co-taught by Mr. Raeder and Mr. Ressler, are embarking on a three-week project that introduces new artistic techniques and processes. First, students learned how to mix and cast plaster into square molds. They then cut and cleaned the plaster box into random smaller sizes that are used to "build" a new mold for slipcasting ceramics, a similar process to how sinks and toilets and mugs are made on the industrial level.

"Our students are using the blocks to make idiosyncratic structures that only reveal themselves after the clay has dried and the mold removed," explains Raeder. "This process is used by designers and artists to make random yet repeatable forms either as a way to sketch ideas or as finished pieces in their own right. Through this project, we are introducing a more industrial, anonymous, factory-based way of thinking about art and design."