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Haverford III Former Shines in Worldwide Piano Master Class

James Gates, a III Former pianist, recently performed in The Philadelphia International Music Festival’s new Master Class. Playing Chopin’s “Waltz Op 34 No 1 in A flat major Vivace,” James, who auditioned against students from around the world for this opportunity, brilliantly dazzled a global audience with his talents and spirit. 

"I was actually a little nervous at the beginning because there were people from around the world watching me," James explained. "Then I imagined that I was in Ball Auditorium of our School performing for my classmates and teachers like I did in the talent show.  I immediately felt better and I was able to show Chopin's spirit."

James, a member of the Haverford Orchestra, wowed his classmates with his pianist talents during last year’s Middle School Talent Show. 

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