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Peter Blynn ‘14 completes 100 mile ride for Kip Taviano ‘13 Scholarship Fund

In late September, Peter Blynn ‘14 cycled 100 miles as part of the Bike to the Beach event to raise money for the Kip Taviano ‘13 Scholarship Fund. The event saw riders biking from New York City to Westhampton, N.Y. 

Blynn raised more than $8,000 for the fund, which provides tuition assistance to a deserving Haverford School student-athlete. The fund is named in honor of Kip Taviano ‘13, who passed away in a car accident in the spring of his senior year at The Haverford School. 

Blynn, a close friend of Taviano’s, described his motivation for taking part in the ride and for raising money for the fund as a way to support the School.

Why was it important to raise money for the Kip Taviano ‘13 Scholarship Fund?

The Kip Taviano ’13 Scholarship Fund encapsulates all that I love about Haverford. Haverford was and continues to be a diverse place that is accessible to boys from all backgrounds. Haverford gave me so much over the course of the fourteen years that I attended, and this was a simple way in which we can help the School continue its mission. 

This fund provides tuition assistance to a student, with a preference towards an athlete, who without it, may not be able to attend Haverford. The more that Haverford can continue to enrich students’ lives by admitting students with diverse socio-economic backgrounds, the more that the students will benefit, as I did in my time there. 

I’m thankful to the Haverford School community for the outpouring of support and donations to the fund. The School molded me into the man I am today and I am forever grateful for the relationships that I develop and continue to hold with the faculty and students at Haverford. 

How did you decide to take part in this ride? What was the training regimen like?

When I was in college, my teammates and I partook in the 100-mile Bike to the Beach ride from Boston, Mass., to Newport, R.I. It was a beautiful ride and rewarding experience. When one of my college teammates approached me about doing the NYC ride, I thought about a cause that I cared about and decided to raise money for the Kip Taviano ‘13 Scholarship Fund this time around in order to give back to Haverford and honor Kip and his family. 

My regimen consisted of morning runs and bike rides up and down the West Side Highway in New York City. The week of the race, I came home to Philadelphia to practice riding a road bike and rode 20-30 miles per day to prepare. 

How did Kip Taviano impact you and the larger Haverford School community?

Kip was an important member of the Class of 2013. Being one year younger than him, I always looked up to him, both on the lacrosse field and in the way he carried himself. Kip had the rare ability to connect with anyone, which made his passing so difficult for all of us. He was friends with athletes, artists, and academics alike. He didn’t take himself too seriously and was extremely supportive of his brothers at Haverford.

I will never forget how ecstatic Kip was after winning the Inter-Ac lacrosse tournament at the end of his senior season. The season didn’t go the way he wanted it to personally, but he nonetheless took immense joy that the team accomplished our collective goal. I’ll never forget attending commencement a few weeks after his passing and there was an empty seat in the front row for Kip. We all miss him greatly.