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Haverford School alums set to launch peer-to-peer social media app FuzeMee

Three Haverford School alums co-founded FuzeMee, a peer-to-peer social media app focused on connecting college students before they get to campus, and then helping them engage in events and activities as students. David Graham ’20, Jon Krouse ’20, and Chris Tsetsekos ’20 developed and tested versions of the app in late 2020, with a full launch scheduled for the App Store in late summer. 

“FuzeMee is an opportunity for students to connect with peers before stepping on campus,” said Tsetsekos. “We see it as a way to build stronger connections, increase student involvement, and set up students for success at the college level.” 

Students can explore different college and university FuzeMee pages throughout their admissions process. The app also supports students in finding a roommate and discovering campus events. FuzeMee is free for students.

The app currently has over 5,000 ambassadors who will be part of a nation-wide coordinated launch in late summer. Due to their vast ambassador network, the FuzeMee team has calculated that over 18 million people will see FuzeMee on social media when they launch the app. In early February, FuzeMee launched a beta version of their product at several universities, including Ohio State University and Wake Forest University. During this period, students logged into the app approximately 14 times a day. 

FuzeMee’s founders have secured more than $700,000 from twenty angel investors. Graham, Krouse, and Tsetsekos began developing the app while still students at Haverford

“After school and sports, instead of going home, we would go back into Wilson Hall and work on the app,” said Tsetsekos. “Once COVID-19 moved learning online, our progress accelerated because we were able to meet virtually for longer sessions. The vision of the app pulled us forward, and it continues to do so.” 

While students at Haverford, Graham, Krouse, and Tsetsekos learned about entrepreneurship and business from their teachers including Ms. Kenna and Mr. Long. The founders say they have used those skills while developing their company.

“We are extremely grateful for our Haverford School education and are proud to be members of such a powerful alumni network,” said Graham. "Not only were our teachers crucial in laying the foundation for our success, but also fellow alumni have been exceptionally supportive throughout our journey. 

The company has secured several national partnerships, including with Juno, Team IMPACT, and the One Love Foundation. Graham, Krouse, and Tsetsekos have also established an advisory board made up of leaders and mentors from varying industries, including higher education, finance, entrepreneurship, and tech. The group has worked closely with fellow Haverford School alumni, providing advice and guidance on building a new company and seeking out investors. 

“We’ve learned a tremendous amount about building and scaling a business from our advisory board and from other Haverford School alumni,” said Krouse. “The network and support system we’ve had the privilege of working with has allowed FuzeMee to develop at a strong pace, contributing to our continued growth as a company.” 

The FuzeMee team recently traveled to San Diego, Calif., for the ASU+GSV Summit where they learned from and met with leaders in the educational technology industry. You can find Fuzemee on social media platforms @fuzemee or at