Preparing Boys for Life

County student, classmates to kick off all-in-one college app

In February of 2020, Devon native and former Conestoga High School student Chris Tsetsekos and his two Haverford School classmates Jon Krouse and David Graham were living in the temporary limbo known to many high school seniors.

It was the period between receiving a college acceptance letter and the fear of the unknown that would await them when they arrived at their respective college campuses in the fall.

The fact that a worldwide pandemic was forcing the three friends to remote learning only exacerbated the challenge they had in finding out more about the respective schools they were heading to: Graham to the Ohio State University, Krouse to Wake Forest University in North Carolina and Tsetsekos to Tufts University near Boston.

They all wanted to arrive on campus that fall having already hit the ground running – to have already established friendships before the start of the fall semester; to have already known what the social vibe on campus would be like; to have already established links and connections to school groups and student organizations; and most of all, to have already formed a network that was specifically tailored to their individual school.

They looked everywhere on social media, and found nothing. They would be far from alone; Tsetsekos, Krouse and Graham, now all 19, would be joining 19.7 million students who were about to enroll at U.S. post-secondary institutions, making them in raw numbers the equivalent of the ninth-largest city in the world – an entire population of individuals who had very little foresight as to what their immediate future would look like.

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