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Traditions mark the start of the 138th school year

The Haverford School celebrated the Opening Day of the 2021-22 school year on Sept. 10. The community returned to in person traditions and welcomed new Head of School Tyler Casertano.

The traditional Opening Day Walk of Virtues and Opening Day assembly took place in person for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19. The School’s 24 core virtues are inscribed in stone above the campus’ Walk of Virtues, where, every year, seniors walk kindergartners to the Opening Day Assembly. Last year was the exception, with the walk and assembly taking place virtually. 

During the Opening Day Assembly, Student Body President and senior Mitav Nayak addressed the entire School, including the 960 students that had assembled on Sabol Field. Nayak also revealed his selected Virtue of the Year, which is support.

“At its core, support is anything that extends beyond yourself and has a positive influence on someone’s life,” said Nayak. “This year, let’s work to support each other in everything we do. Let’s constantly seek out opportunities to be there for someone. Let’s go out of our way to help each other.”

Nayak also welcomed Casertano to the community and the stage. Casertano shared his excitement at joining the community, and offered advice to give to others.

“Don’t let your busy daily routine prevent you from making time for those around you,” said Casertano. “If we give ourselves to others – our presence, our kindness, our expertise, our courage, and our time –that giving will come back to us tenfold, as the time, courage, kindness, presence, and expertise of others, that will in turn help us become our best selves and accomplish our goals.”

To close the Opening Day assembly and ceremony, Nayak started the new school year with the traditional strike of the gong.


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