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The Haverford School graduates 113 students during 136th Commencement ceremony

The Haverford School conducted its 136th Commencement exercises with a virtual celebration on June 5. The celebration honored the School’s 113 graduates, who marked the occasion with their families away from campus.

Students received their diplomas from two family members at Centennial Hall in mid-May, which was recorded and put into a celebratory video that is available at

The Commencement address was delivered by Charles Ball ’80, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Threat Reduction and Arms Control. Board of Trustees Chair Bill Yoh ’89, Head of School John Nagl, and student body president Vincent Scauzzo also delivered remarks.

Ball shared a reflection on his own graduation from The Haverford School and encouraged the boys to offer themselves in service to others.

“If you live a life of purpose and integrity, you will succeed and be able to navigate whatever challenges the future may hold,” said Ball. “Service comes in many forms – both large and small. In the end, service is about purpose, not position. Service is about maximizing your impact, regardless of the situation you find yourself in.”

Yoh acknowledged the historic spring the Class of 2020 graduated in and offered words of advice as they advance beyond Haverford.

“The Board of Trustees is grateful to our graduates, who have left their mark on Haverford. Regardless of what you do in college and beyond, try to make a difference in the lives around you. Be kind, have fun, recognize the honor and dignity in others, give love and receive love,” said Yoh. “You owe your strong expressions of character to yourself, your family, your classmates, your teachers and coaches, and thousands of proud Haverford alumni.” 

Student body president Vincent Scauzzo noted that this year provided unique challenges to the class.

“As deeply unfortunate it is for this extraordinary class to miss this spring, I cannot imagine having to navigate the calamity and catastrophe that has come our way this year with anyone else,” said Scauzzo. “The constant compassion and the urge to love those around us, which are taught day one in kindergarten, has become part of the natural character of every young man here.”

The School’s ninth Head of School Dr. John Nagl closed the ceremony by honoring the Class of 2020 and reminded the boys to use their talents to make the world a better place.

“It is my hope that for the rest of your lives, you’ll remember what you learned during this time apart from each other this spring,” said Dr. Nagl. “I hope you’ll remember that what matters most is the respect of friends, the love of your family, the sense of using your talents in service to others, and the knowledge that you did your best. The world needs your great minds and big hearts now more than ever.”

Six students were presented with five prestigious awards during the ceremony, including:

  • The Daniel S. Newhall II ’20 Plaque was awarded to the student with the highest academic standing in the class among the winners of the School letter in any branch of sport. The award was presented to Charlie Baker.
  • The Frank C. Roberts III Cup was given to the member of the class who showed true sportsmanship in working and playing squarely, in being a good loser and graceful winner, and in making and keeping friends. The Roberts Cup was awarded to William Boyes.
  • The Alumni Association Key Man Award was presented to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding traits of character, scholarship, intelligence, and leadership, as well as enthusiasm for all School activities. Pearse Glavin was named the Class of 2020 Key Man.
  • The Frederick C. Peters II ’68 Prize was awarded to the student whose leadership has made the School happier for his presence and whose service to Haverford has inspired his fellow students to be better citizens. The Peters Prize was awarded to Carson De Marco and Luke Macaione
  • The Phi Beta Kappa Association of Philadelphia Award honors the graduate who excels in his scholastic record and who possesses inherent character and integrity. Toby Ma was presented with this award.

Photos from the 136th Commencement ceremony can be found at

Watch the full Commencement video:

Boys in the fifth grade and in Form II also celebrated the end of the school year virtually. Dr. Pam Greenblatt, Head of Lower School, and Dr. Jay Greytok ’83, Head of Middle School, honored each boy individually for his accomplishments and contributions to their respective division. 

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