Preparing Boys for Life

Opening week curriculum highlights

We’re one week into the school year and our boys are already hard at work. Here are some classroom highlights:

Fourth grade boys began researching the origin of their names in preparation for discussions about heritage, identity, and community. They will be interviewing their parents to understand the history behind their given name. Fourth grade teacher Megan Lenahan developed this unit after attending the Global Education Benchmark Group’s Global Educators Conference. “Rooted in the School’s Circles of Responsibility framework, I worked with my grade-level partners, Mike Kearney and Rebecca Henrich, to build background knowledge for global education in our students: starting close to the boy, moving outward toward their various communities, and spreading to a global scale as the year progresses.” 

Form II students practiced estimating and measurement skills within the metric system. “This lesson is a nice prep for when the students design and conduct their own experiments,” said Andy Grossman ’96. Marion Jacob’s students are studying the Spotted Lanternfly to understand the habits of this invasive species. Their data will be provided to the University of Pennsylvania as part of their own research on the subject.

Will Leech and Chris DiBello ’12 chemistry gave students a demonstration of an exothermic reaction between concentrated nitric acid and copper metal.

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