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Principles of Community

The Haverford School is an inclusive community. We respect ourselves and others, demonstrate honesty in word and deed, and have the courage to be our best every day. 

Haverford believes that a diverse and inclusive community provides a better learning environment in which to prepare our boys for the world they will lead upon graduation. Haverford is a community in which a diverse population can live and work in an atmosphere of trust, understanding, appreciation, and mutual respect for each individual. We reject all prejudices, including those based on race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, learning styles, disability, age, or sexual orientation. 

the haverford school community


The Haverford School community is built on trust and respect for one another. All of us should:
  • Respect and value people of different genders, backgrounds, and opinions, and live as a cooperative and engaged citizen of the global community
  • Treat others honestly, fairly, respectfully, and courteously
  • Practice empathy, compassion, and generosity of spirit
  • Strive for inclusiveness by avoiding cliques and snobbery and refraining from gossip
  • Discourage and refrain from verbal abuse and bullying
  • Reject superficiality, materialism, and a sense of entitlement
  • Work together to find commonalities and resolve disagreements amicably
  • Celebrate the many ways boys and young men learn, think, and succeed
  • Create a community where illegal or abusive drug and alcohol use is not tolerated
  • Promote citizenship and advance the greater good for our community and the world around us
  • Participate in the life of the School by supporting Haverford’s programs and personnel
  • Understand and embrace the School’s mission and vision and work together as partners to educate our boys for life
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and constructively with each other at the appropriate level and, following such dialogue, abide by the School’s decisions

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