Preparing Boys for Life



A nationally recognized independent school and a global leader in educating boys, The Haverford School strives to attract, develop, and retain extraordinary educators.

Our students and faculty come from diverse social, economic, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, and we work hard to maintain and grow our inclusive and supportive community. Indeed diversity edifies our community and inspires us to value alternative viewpoints. We share our varied experiences and celebrate our differences. Through our hiring practices, professional development, curriculum, and admission policies, we prepare our boys to face and resolve tomorrow’s challenges and make positive contributions to our School and the world at large.

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Professional development

In addition to salaries and benefits that are the best among local independent schools, Haverford is committed to the professional development of its faculty. Through an innovative evaluation and promotion system and by supporting graduate study and continuing education, the School encourages faculty growth at all levels.

Our faculty

Our faculty are enthusiastic, continuous learners who are engaged in the lives of our boys, their families, and each other. Haverford enjoys a great sense of community and school spirit; the classrooms, libraries, dining hall, performing arts events, lectures, and athletic contests bring our vibrant community together. We welcome you to learn more about work and life at the School by navigating the tabs above and throughout the website.


The Haverford School is located less than 10 miles from Center City Philadelphia, situated in the heart of the historic Main Line. It is within walking distance from bus and rail stops and centered in a renowned educational region with a high concentration of top schools, colleges, and universities.


The School has 10 buildings with 80 classrooms, two libraries, 11 science labs, five computer labs, two auditoriums, two theaters, eight art studios, and nine music studios. The field house, Lower School, Upper School, and main library have all been recently reconstructed or significantly renovated. Our Upper School and library are LEED Gold certified and contain state-of-the-art scientific labs and research equipment. The building itself plays a role in our teachings on sustainability. We also own six residences adjacent to the campus.

Athletic facilities

The School’s athletic facilities include multiple basketball courts, four international squash courts, a six-lane pool with a one-meter diving platform, a two-mat wrestling room, a wellness center, and a fully equipped physical training and rehabilitation room. We also have three artificial turf fields, one grass field, four tennis courts, and a four-lane outdoor rubberized track. Our coaches, faculty, and staff use the athletic and wellness facilities on a daily basis.

Job Openings

For all current openings, please see the "Job Openings" list at right.

How to apply

Teaching positions

Please apply by emailing your completed employment application and resume to the person listed as a contact for the applicable teaching position. To view our teaching levels, criteria, and salary ranges, see the "Teaching Levels" tab above.

Non-teaching positions

Download and complete our employment application from the "Quick Links" section on this page. Send the application (email preferred) along with your cover letter and resume in PDF format to the contact person listed on the job description.

Questions about specific positions may be sent via email to the contact person listed for each job opening.

Teaching Levels

Hired teachers are expected to demonstrate a growth mindset, fundamental teaching competence, an affirming attitude toward the school, a willingness to accept constructive criticism, and the professional demeanor and integrity fitting an academic community whose values are based on respect, honesty, and moral courage.

Teaching Levels

Beginning Teacher

Beginning Teacher: $48,000-56,000

  • B.A. or B.S. degree
  • demonstrates classroom management skills
  • motivates and stimulates students
  • embraces best practices for teaching boys
  • communicates effectively with parents
  • exhibits respect, honesty, and courage
  • serves as an effective adviser to students
  • shows a willingness to learn and a spirit of cooperation
  • fulfills all curricular and extracurricular responsibilities
  • promotes a tone and atmosphere that reflects support, loyalty, and agreement with The Haverford School mission and vision

Experienced Teacher

Experienced Teacher: $56,000-74,000

Typical consideration for promotion to Experienced Teacher comes after a minimum of four years of teaching experience. In addition to all of the qualities listed for a Beginning Teacher:

  • B.A. or B.S. degree
  • has effective communication skills
  • has positive relations with students and colleagues
  • displays a commitment to the teaching profession
  • is an active participant in the life of the School
  • maintains a professional development plan linked to evaluation
  • makes efforts to improve his/her teaching through deliberate practice
  • varies instructional techniques to accommodate a variety of learning styles
  • incorporates School-wide strategic initiatives (Decision Education, Service Learning, Leadership, Globalization, etc.)
  • initiates and implements action research on best practices
  • demonstrates sensitivity to the needs of wider School constituencies

Master Teacher

Master Teacher: $74,000+

Typical consideration for promotion to Master Teacher comes after a minimum of eight years of teaching experience. In addition to all of the qualities listed for a Beginning Teacher and Experienced Teacher:

  • M.A. or M.S. or equivalent degree
  • demonstrates effective teaching methodology, including an understanding of developmental and learning differences
  • understands the needs of every student in his/her class
  • possesses a variety of instructional strategies
  • models and shares best practices
  • uses formative assessments to guide instruction
  • exhibits professional maturity in dealings with all members of the School community
  • demonstrates a cooperative spirit, a readiness to receive direction, an ability to hear criticism as well as praise, and to handle disagreements when they occur in a professional, thoughtful, and supportive manner
  • emerges as a respected role model and leader, working collaboratively with his/her team (department or grade level) in shaping and executing the curriculum
  • has responded to and formally implemented multiple School strategic initiatives
  • has developed an expertise in curriculum development (e.g. essential questions, skills, content, etc.) and communicates effectively through curriculum maps
  • uses educational technology to enhance student learning and to teach skills as outlined in the technology curriculum
  • takes initiative to improve the vertical and horizontal alignment of the curriculum beyond the confines of his/her classroom
  • committed to curriculum development and the long-term health of the School

Faculty Leader

Faculty Leader: $90,000+

Upon demonstrated exemplary curricular and teaching expertise, candidates for promotion to Faculty Leader are considered after a minimum of 15 years' teaching experience. In addition to all of the qualities listed for a Beginning Teacher, Experienced Teacher, and Master Teacher:

  • viewed by peers, parents, and students as an exceptional teacher, consistently recognized for effectiveness, actively supports the School’s mission and vision
  • is a role model, mentor, and guide for new teachers; takes responsibility for community growth
  • is acknowledged by peers as a committed leader, subordinates personal interests of the general welfare of the School
  • takes leadership in matters of curriculum development and improvement, demonstrating receptiveness to new ideas and dedication to teacher and teaching success
  • embraces responsibility for Instructional Rounds and other Distributive Leadership activities to enhance the overall learning program
  • demonstrates a willingness to help where needed and to contribute to the wider community
  • understands the emotional development of boys and intentionally serves as an advocate among the Faculty for implementing the Strategic Vision and best practices in boys' education



Health and Dental


There are two plans available, both with the Aetna network.  One is a PPO (Aetna Choice PPO) and the other an HMO (Aetna Select HMO).  The PPO plan is a high deductible plan, and qualifies for use of an HSA account (see HSA Account benefit below).  Plan benefits summaries are available for each of these plans, in the Business Office.

The School pays for 100% of the premium for “single coverage” under the HMO plan and 50% of the additional HMO family coverage (including domestic partners).  If the employee chooses the PPO plan, the employee will pay the additional cost above the HMO coverage paid by the School.  See the attached Employee Semi-Monthly Payroll Deduction Amounts schedule for the employee premium cost. Both the HMO and PPO coverage include a vision and prescription drug plan.  The employee portion of healthcare costs can be withheld from an employee’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis. 


The prescription plan under our HMO coverage is a Select Drug Program - $20/$75/$100, with oral contraceptives.  The prescription drug plan under the PPO is subject to a deductible; after the deductible is met the co-pays are $5/$20/$45. CVS/Caremark administers the prescription plans.


Our HMO and PPO plans cover one eye exam every 2 years.  Also, there is coverage for glasses or contact lenses every 2 years.    Under the HMO, you can go to a participating or non-participating provider and get $100 toward glasses or contacts every 2 years.  Under the PPO the benefit is $75 every 2 years.  EyeMed administers the vision plans.


There are two Delta Dental plans available: DMO (Deltacare USA) and PPO.  Plan benefits summaries are available for each of these plans, in the Business Office.

Dental coverage is 100% paid by the employee.  See the Employee Semi-Monthly Payroll Deduction Amounts schedule for employee premium costs.  Employee dental costs can also be withheld from an employee’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

Medical Plan opt out

If the employee elects not to be covered by the School’s health care plans, he or she may elect to receive an “opt out” benefit of $175 per month.

FSA and HSA Accounts

FSA account

Through ADP FlexDirect, there is an option for pretax contributions to be made to health and dependent care reimbursement accounts. The maximum annual contributions are $2,500 for health care and $5,000 for dependent care expenses. Funds set aside in an FSA account must be used or they will be lost at the end of each plan year/grace period. The FSA accounts run from 11/1-10/31 each year.

HSA account

Through Independence Blue Cross, and HealthEquity, there is an option for employees who are covered by an eligible medical high deductible plan (our Personal Choice plan) to contribute tax-deductible dollars to an HSA account. Your contributions remain in your HSA from year-to-year, until you use them.


The School has a 403(b) Defined Contribution Plan through TIAA-CREF. New employees may contribute to the 403(b) plan on a voluntary basis. After one year of service, employees will be included in a mandatory plan whereby all full-time employees contribute a minimum 5% of eligible wages (pretax) into a retirement annuity (RA). The employee will then receive a 10% contribution from the School in semi-monthly installments. Employees can change their contribution percentages at any time. As of May 2016, there is also an after-tax Roth option with our 403(b) plan. The School’s contribution vests to the employee:

1-2 years = 20%
2-3 years = 40%
3-4 years = 60%
4-5 years = 80%

After 5 complete years of service, the School’s contribution is 100% vested to the employee.

Life Insurance and Disability

Life insurance

All full-time employees are enrolled in the School’s group life plan. The death benefit is equal to the employee’s base salary, to a maximum of $450,000. There is a reduced benefit at age 70. There is no charge to the employee for this basic coverage. Additional (term) life insurance can be purchased for the employee, their spouse, and dependents through Guardian at the employee’s expense.


Short-term disability coverage is available for full-time employees. There is no cost to the employee. 100% of base compensation is covered for the first four weeks, 75% for the next 12 weeks and 60% for the next 10 weeks. Long-term disability coverage is mandatory for full-time employees, and optional for part-time employees. The monthly premium is paid by the employee through semi-monthly, after-tax payroll deductions. Our long-term disability coverage is through Guardian. Guardian offers an EAP program (Employee Assistance Program) to all employees with long-term disability coverage.

Professional Development

Graduate Study

All full-time employees may apply to the Dean of Faculty in the school year prior to enrollment in the program. This program is limited by the amount of funds available.


SIGHTS (Summer Institute for the Growth of Haverford Teachers and Staff) provides funding for non-academic summer work that will enhance the quality of education at The Haverford School and meet the objectives of the school's Strategic Plan. In particular, SIGHTS seeks to support faculty and staff professional growth in areas that directly impact Haverford students.

Professional Development

A professional development budget provides for the cost of travel and attendance at appropriate workshops and programs. See your Department Head for specific information.

Tuition Remission/Assistance

Grandfathered employees (hire dates on or before 8/1/01) receive 100% tuition remission for up to two sons. Employees hired after Aug. 1, 2001 are granted 50% tuition remission for all of their sons (each of whom must qualify for admission), assuming space is available. For the remaining 50% of tuition, employees may apply for tuition assistance and have their salary (that of the employee) zeroed out. Total tuition/remission assistance is targeted at an average of 25% of the total financial aid budget, if needed. If needs exceed the targeted average of 25%, tuition assistance is capped, and overage/reduction is spread among all applicants' awards.

Child care, Enrichment and Summer Camps

Child care

Employees may enroll their children (infant through preschool ages) in the School’s child care center. Consult the Business Office for costs and payment options. Discounted pricing is available for employees. Full-time employees in The Haverford Center receive a special discount of 50% off outside childcare rates and 50% off employee after care rates.

ESF Enrichment

ESF offers two free enrichment classes, per trimester, for children of Haverford employees (Robotics will count as two classes), plus 50% off for any additional classes. There is also an additional free class for employees who teach an ESF enrichment class.

ESF Summer Camp

ESF runs a summer camp for children ages 3 to 15 on The Haverford School campus. ESF offers Haverford employees a 50% discount off Haverford ESF camps. There is no discount for ESF's Phillies, Union or Eagles camps.

Paid Time Off


Full-time staff vacation, personal, and sick leave:

1-2 years = 20 days
3-4 years = 25 days
5+ years = 30 days

Unused days do not carry forward to the next benefit year.

Faculty members do not receive paid time off. Personal leave for faculty is at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Up to three days of paid time off is provided for funeral and bereavement leave. Additional time off for faculty members is at the discretion of the appropriate Division Head.

In accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, eligible employees are provided with up to 12 weeks of unpaid family and medical leave (including maternity). The School may provide for paid parental leave for up to six weeks.

Summer hours

At the discretion of the Headmaster, normal business hours may be abbreviated from July through August.


Specific holidays that the School is closed each year are published in the academic calendar.

Other Benefits

Meal allowance

All employees are extended an allowance of approximately $6.00/day for lunch. Breakfast can be substituted for lunch. Free coffee is served in the dining hall until 10 a.m.


Employees may purchase vouchers for public transportation with pretax dollars. See the Business Office for details.

AT&T Wireless Discount

The Haverford School has a corporate agreement with AT&T. Employees are eligible for a discount off AT&T wireless services. Information and applications are available in the Business Office.

Liberty Mutual

The Haverford School has discounted rates with Liberty Mutual for homeowners and and auto insurance. If enrolled with Liberty Mutual, the cost of these insurances can be paid for via payroll deduction. Information is available in the Business Office.

Show Tickets

The Haverford School has on-campus performances in Centennial Hall. Employees are entitled to two free tickets to these performances.

Gym facilities

Employees may use the School’s gym facilities (weight room, pool, track, etc.) at approved times determined by the Athletic Director.

Music Conservatory

Employee and family members receive a 10% discount when enrolling for private instrumental music lessons through the Haverford Conservatory.

Computer purchases

Employees may purchase a computer through the School and arrange repayment by payroll deduction. Payment back to the School will be scheduled twice-monthly over a 10-month period.

Wells Fargo financial services

School employees are eligible for preferred pricing on various financial services (i.e. checking accounts and loans) through Wells Fargo Bank.

Workers’ compensation

The School provides workers’ compensation as required by law. If you are injured or become ill on the job, benefits may be available to you.