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Woodworking II students explore methods of wood bending

Woodworking II students explore methods of wood bending

Upper School students in Ms. Sides’ Woodworking II class completed a lesson on wood bending. The class explored different methods of wood bending, but spent extra time focusing on bent lamination.

The bent lamination method takes multiple steps, as it has the boys cutting boards into thin, flexible plies, which then are glued back together. The students choose the type of wood they want to use, and use the miter saw to cut it to length. Using the bandsaw, the boys cut thin strips, called veneers, to use for their form. The students put a layer of glue between each veneer and clamp them around their form. Once dried, the wood is bent to their desired shape and can be incorporated into the larger project. 

To practice this method, the boys each were tasked with bending a single, small piece of wood. With their individual wood bends, they collaborated to design a chandelier, which is now hung in the wood shop. 

The boys also produced solo projects. V Former Cole created a bench, with the legs being created using the wood lamination method. The entire project took about eight weeks of work. 

“Wood bending can be long and tedious,” said Sides. “The boys that chose to move forward with this technique and incorporate it into their designs did an amazing job.” 

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