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Students recognized at annual Upper School Honors Day

Students recognized at annual Upper School Honors Day

The annual Honors Day celebration took place in Centennial Hall on June 9. Students were honored for their success and achievement in various disciplines and as members of the Haverford School community. Department heads, Upper School Dean of Students Luqman Kolade, Head of Upper School Mark Fifer, and Head of School Tyler Casertano presented awards. Mr. Fifer also shared remarks about the hard work and dedication of the award winners throughout their time at Haverford.

Read the full list of winners below. 


Presented by art department chair Chris Fox and performing arts department chair Darren Hengst


The Robert L. Finch Award: Henry Gowen and John Suter

The Peter A. Chamberlain Award: Nathaniel Tellez and Matthew Straub

The Rhode Island School of Design Award: Brendan Cooleen

The Peter Lund Toebe Memorial Award: Andrew Case 

The Lewis-Wright Award: Junxue Huang

The Edward Hilary Reuss III '38 Memorial Prize: Charles Witmer

The Music Technology Prize: Justin Wamah

The Centennial Hall Award for Technical Theater: Jai Bonaparte

The Haverford School Theater Award: Jack Squillaro

The Thomas Worth Thespis Award: Thomas Pendergast and William Rubin



Presented by English department chair Tom Stambaugh ’90


The Robert U. Jameson Debate Award: Adamya Aggarwal and Jeffrey Yang

The Paul B. Rochberg '63 Memorial Creative Writing: William Cordray

The Lewis Gouverneur Smith 1910 Memorial Prize: Jeffrey Yang

The Norman Mailer Literary Award: Zachary Hoyt, “Lost in the Fog”

The Stephen B. Knowlton Prize: Quinn Luong

The Robert U. Jameson Memorial Prize: Adamya Aggarwal



Presented by history department chair Hannah Turlish


The IV Form History Prize: Reilly Pryma

The Francis White 1910 Scholar: Owen Yu

The Frank E. DeSimone, Esquire Mock Trial Award: Colin Stewart

The D.A.R Prize: Jingyuan Chen

The Form VI History Award: Samuel Kohl



Presented by modern and classical languages department chair Andrew Poolman


The Joseph P. Healey Award: Quinn Luong

The William Wallace Prize: Alexander Colucci

The Maurice L. Clancy Memorial Prize in Spanish: Ryan Rodack

The Eastern and Western Languages Award: Charles Witmer

The Linguistics Prize: Jeffrey Yang

Severinghaus Global Scholar Award: Jahmon Silver



Presented by math department chair Justin Gaudreau


The John C. Lober 1920 Prize: Huaidian Hou

The Rudolph Hamma Blythe, Jr. '59 Computer Award: Zachary Shah

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Prize in Economics: William Rubin

High Scorer on the AMC 10 Mathematics Exam: Justin Fan

High Scorer on the AMC 12 Mathematics Exam: Colin Kelly

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Certificate: Colin Kelly



Presented by science department chair Dr. Daniel Goduti


The Robert C. Rugg Memorial Prize: Ian Rosenzweig and Griffin Meyer

The Antoine Lavoisier Chemistry Prize: Christopher Schwarting

The Haverford School Robotics Excellence Award: Josiah Somani

The Barton Sensenig Science Prize: Elijah Lee

The James L. Dunn '38 Prize: Adamya Aggarwal


Faculty Awards

Presented by Dean of Students Luqman Kolade and Head of Upper School Mark Fifer


The Class and School Spirit Award – Form III: Gabriel Baker

The Class and School Spirit Award – Form IV: Christopher Schwarting

The Class and School Spirit Award – Form V: Ryan Davey and Dylan Curtis

The Class and School Spirit Award – Form VI: Noble DeMarco and Samuel Kohl

The William Corey '08 Memorial Award: Nathan Mirin

John E. Krout ’37 Memorial Award: Matthew Straub

The Thomas Allerton Newhall Memorial Prize: Mason Wiegand 

The Thomas D. Harrison, Jr. Memorial Prize: Ian Rosenzweig and Nicholas Lu

The William Edward Gwinn '86 Memorial Prize: Reilly Pryma

The William G. Warden II '21 Memorial Prize: Colin Kelly

The Cecile B. Jarvis Award: Joseph Bongiovanni

The Frank R. Ewing, Jr. Oar Award: Kai Jacobs

National Merit Award: 

  •  Commended:
    • William Cordray
    • James Davey
    • Kevin Bowen Deng
    • Samuel Kohl
    • Robert Parillo
    • Ethan Saddler
    • Bram Schork
    • Samuel Tryon
    • Charles Witmer
    • John Zhang
  • Finalists
    • Adamya Aggarwal
    • Fisher Bond
    • Caleb Cavazos
    • Ruidong Bryan Li
    • Mitav Nayak
    • Jeffrey Yang
    • Austin Zhuang
  • Scholarship Winners:
    • Adamya Aggarwal
    • Jeffrey Yang

United States Presidential Scholar: Adamya Aggarwal

The Donald J. McBride Award: Joshua Allen

The Robert M. Gillin Jr. '81 Memorial Prize: Damian Ferraro


Book Awards

Presented by Head of School Tyler Casertano


The Harvard Club of Philadelphia Award: Colin Kelly

The University of Chicago Book Award: Jingyuan Chen

The University of Pennsylvania Book Award: Owen Yu

The Williams College Book Award: Isaiah Shuchman

The Princeton Book Award: Nathan Mirin

Wake Forest University Book Award: Megh Tank

The University of Virginia Book Award: Jay Crowther

The Yale Book Award: Joseph Kauffman