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Author Amy King discusses her book Me and Marvin Gardens with 6th grade

Author Amy King discusses her book Me and Marvin Gardens with 6th grade

Sixth graders in Ms. Price’s English class had just finished reading Me and Marvin Gardens, and they had several questions about the end of the text. Instead of just discussing those questions and speculating about the answers, one student decided to go straight to the source for the answers.

Middle School boy Ethan decided to message the author, Amy King, on Instagram. The author responded to his message and even offered to meet virtually with the class. She joined the entire sixth grade class by Zoom during community time on Jan. 14.

King’s text focuses on a boy as his family loses their farm to a building development. To find some peace, he spends time at a creek, where he finds a magical creature that only eats plastic. The boys’ questions ranged from how King made character choices to what inspired her to write this story.

While boys were reading this text, they also engaged with themes from the text outside of the English classroom. In science class with Ms. Jacob, the boys learned about plastic pollution and its impact on the environment. Further, at their recent STEPs Day, the 6th grade focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, during which they wrote poetry, created art with recycled materials, and sought to understand how individually they can be responsible consumers.