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The Haverford School begins its 139th school year

The Haverford School begins its 139th school year

The Haverford School celebrated the Opening Day of the 2022–23 school year on Sept. 8. The day began with the traditional Walk of Virtues procession, where Sixth Formers guide Kindergarteners to the Opening Day Assembly on Sabol Field at M&J Spencer Stadium. Their path includes the School's Walk of Virtues, where the community's 24 core virtues are inscribed in stone. The ceremony serves as a powerful reminder of our community's commitment to these virtues before beginning the new school year. 

During the Opening Day Assembly, Head of School Tyler Casertano shared stories about wider perspectives on our School and parting thoughts from members of the class of 2022. Casertano introduced this year's Virtue of the Year, selected by the new Student Body President. "Integrity" will be our community's focus this year, defined as "dedication to the virtues."

As Casertano said, "The standards you set for each other, the culture of integrity that you reinforce, the ways you support each other and hold each other accountable—that is ultimately what will determine whether or not we are our best selves."

Casertano then welcomed Student Body President and Sixth Former Luka Sekulic to the podium, where he shared reflections after visiting his native country, Serbia. He recalled finally understanding "what this sense of belonging was—what it felt like to be part of something bigger than myself...This environment gave me a sense of comfort that I only felt at one other place throughout my entire life—Haverford." He explained that his comfort comes from our community's shared commitment to the virtues, the School's integrity. He invited students from each division to live their lives with integrity, reminding them that "integrity means action."

Form I students heard these messages before and after a successful hike and overnight camping trip around Cushion Peak. After beginning the assembly with the National Anthem, the Notables returned to the field to perform the Alma Mater. Then, Sekulic started the new school year with the traditional strike of the gong.

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